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Welcome to the Akustik Center Austria

In the course of the infrastructure project Akustik Center Austria, Holzforschung Austria built a unique acoustic laboratory for lightweight constructions at their research location in Stetten.   The research project is conducted within the framework of COIN, a promotional programme sponsored by the Austrian Ministry of Science, Research and Economy (BMWFW) as well as the Austrian Ministry for Transport, Innovation and Technology (BMVIT) and administered by the Austrian Research Promotion Agency (FFG). 

German spoken presentation of the opening 22nd October 2015 (7,5 mb)
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Akustik Center Austria is your qualified partner for questions concerning building acoustics, accredited tests and research projects.


The application-oriented results obtained by the Akustik Center Austria will not only strengthen the competitiveness of timber construction, but also help to shape the future of multi storey buildings made by wood. 


Apart from standardized and accredited testing methods (sound reduction index of windows, doors, facades, walls, ceilings and impact sound pressure level of ceiling components and improvements of flooring components) it will also be possible to carry out investigations in the extended frequency range (below 100 Hz), tests regarding flanking transmission and free field examinations of facades.    


  •  Standard wall/ceiling test facility (50-60m³) for accredited tests in the field of building acoustics within the normative frequency range
  • Large research test facility (137-153m³) for walls and ceilings allowing measurements in the extended frequency range and of special sizes
  • Test facility enabling the measurement of the impact sound level reduction of floor coverings
  • Test facility for determination of vertical and horizontal flanking transmission
  • Test facility for windows
  • Test facility for internal/external doors
  • Test facility allowing free field examinations of facades
  • Test facility for the measurement of longitudinal sound insulation of cavity floors and suspended ceilings
  • Acoustic measurement system Sinus Soundbook with 32 channels measuring sound, vibration and intensity
  • Laser-Doppler-Scanning-Vibrometer for detection of mechanical vibrations
  • Additional woofers for sound measurements within the extended frequency range    


The capacity utilization of the Akustik Center Austria is ensured by cooperating with tgm (Federal Institute of Technology) and TU Wien (Technical University Vienna). Due to this collaboration Akustik Center Austria can offer substantiated analysis in the field of building acoustics to the Austrian economy, combining the expertise of Holzforschung Austria regarding timber constructions the competences of tgm in the field of subjective perception and TU Wien’s know-how in modelling and simulation.