The CE marking is attended for the realization of the "free movement of goods", one of the EU fundamental freedoms, and is a prerequisite for the marketing of a regulated European product in the EEA. 

Basically it is signaled that a product is in line with the essential requirements of legal regulations of the EU. 

The CE marking will not be issued, but responsible for affixing is the economic operator who is placing the product on the market (manufacturer, importer, distributor) according to the relevant regulations and is aimed primarily at the market surveillance. 

European construction products regulation

One of these EU regulations, which regulates the CE marking of products, is the European Construction Products Regulation, short CPR. This has replaced the previous regulation, the European Construction Products Directive (CPD). As of 01.07.2013 Products that are subject to a harmonized specification may be placed on the market only in accordance with the CPR.

Detailed information: 

General information on the CE mark, the European Construction Products Regulation, the amendment from the CPD and to the relevant activities of Holzforschung Austria can be downloaded here. If you are interested, the certification program is willingly sent.