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Holzforschung Austria provides all relevant chemical analyses for the timber and paper industry
Preperation of an analysis


Analytical Chemistry / Measurement of emissions

The specialized division “Analytical Chemistry” is engaged in the analysis of substances from all areas of the wood processing industry. The spectrum ranges from surface coatings, wood preservatives and wood-based composites to sewage and scrap wood.

Included for example are the analytical determination of certain substances from industrial effluents, the quantitative analysis of the levels of active ingredients in formulations of wood preservatives and of the content of formaldehyde in particleboard as well as of VOC-emission from wood-based products. Project partners stem from the pulp and paper industry, the wood processing industry and also include companies which manufacture wood preservatives. 

Research and development

Recovery of chemical agents

National and international research projects are being carried to develop processes for the recovery of chemical agents and thus help conserve resources in the paper manufacturing process.

Environmentally friendly production

Chemical agents which are persistent and harmful to the environment are being replaced by biocompatible agents.

Recyclable coatings for paper

An international research project is aiming to develop biodegradable modified organic coatings based on renewable resources for photographic paper and packaging materials.

Testing and inspection

The specialized division “Analytical Chemistry” is accredited to perform numerous tests. The following test methods are within its scope (selected methods, additional tests upon request). 

Formaldehyde testing:

  • Perforator method (ÖNORM EN 120)
  • Gas analysis method (ÖNORM EN 717-2)
  • Emission chamber (ÖNORM EN 717-1, ASTM E 1333, ASTM D 6007, ISO 16000-3) 
  • JAS (JAS SE9)
  • JIS (JIS A 1460 :2001)

Chemical analysis of wood preservatives, wood finishes and leached chemicals in water:

    • Detection of organic and inorganic active ingredients in wood preservatives (gas chromatography, ICP-OES, titration
    • Laboratory leaching test of active ingredients from preservative treated wood: laboratory methods according to UBA and OECD (also test methods involving natural weathering if required in projects)
    • Determination of density acc. to ÖNORM EN ISO 3838
    • Determination of flow time by use of a DIN flow cups DIN 53211

Other test methods:

  • Determination of VOC emissions from materials (ISO 16000)
  • Determination of PCP and lindane in wood and wood composites
  • Chemical analysis of heavy metals
  • Characterization of recycled wood
  • Extraneous material in process waters
  • Wood pellets (heavy metal and process additives)
  • Composite parameters in effluents 

Special equipment

  • Gas chromatography in combination with e.g. thermodesorption (detectors: MSD; ECD and FID) for the selective analysis of organic substances
  • OCO-OES for the analysis of inorganic components in wood, soil or water matrices
  • Formaldehyde: gas analysis, perforator, emission chambers
  • VOC (volative organic compounds): emission chamber and headspace-sampler
  • FTIR (Fourier transform infrared) spectrometer with ATR and DRIFT-unit
  • Spectrophotometer with integrating sphere for the detection of diffuse radiation

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Molecular biology

Other analytical procedures:

  • Determination of VOC emission in indoor air and in test chambers (ISO 16000 part 9 and 6)
  • Determination of PCP and lindane in wood composites (HFA AA A017)
  • Determination of Polycyclic Aromatic Hydrocarbons (PAHs)