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Certification according to DIN EN 1627

The certification scheme „ DIN EN 1627“ manages the certification process for burglar resistant doors, windows, curtain walling, grills and shutters.

Additionally to the initial type test according to EN 1627 – 1630 a periodic surveillance is provided. This shall ensure that the production of the burglar resistant building elements is conducted within the approved technical specification. The issued certificates may be acknowledged by insurance companies as a proof for burglar resistance. Furthermore, the products certified by Holzforschung Austria may be listed in the directory “geprüfte und zertifizierte einbruchhemmende Produkte” (KPK-list) of the German police.

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A valid DIN EN 1627 certificate attests that the respective company fulfils all the requirements of DIN EN 1627 and that periodic surveillances are carried out by Holzforschung Austria according to the certification scheme DIN EN 1627.