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Electronic systems for measuring log wood


Calibration laboratory

In November 2005 Holzforschung Austria was accredited by the Federal Ministry of Economy, Family and Youth of the Republic of Austria (BMWFJ) as a calibration laboratory for the calibration of electronic systems for measuring log wood. Calibration services have been provided since 2006. However, the responsibility to perform special supervisions remains with the calibration authority. Thus the Austrian federal office for calibration and measurement (BEV) is required to perform unannounced inspection on 10% of all the electronic measuring systems calibrated by the accredited calibration laboratory; furthermore, the quality management system of the calibration laboratory has to be reviewed annually.

In the Austrian saw mill industry, a large percentage of the total cutting capacity is represented by a relatively small number of large saw mills. Thus out of a total number of 1400 saw mills, the 10 largest mills account for 63% of the cutting capacity. The 37 biggest mills account for approximately 90% of the total timber output. Aside from these approximately 40 large saw mills another 140 small to medium-sized mills operate calibrated electronic systems for measuring log wood.

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