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DI Angelika Rubick (DW -838, Email)


R & D Management

Research projects and projects dedicated to technological developments are often complex ventures requiring the cooperation with different partners and with people from different disciplines.  In such projects it is vital that somebody is put in charge to manage the project through all its phases and to ensure that a proper balance is achieved between the various projects goals. Proficient project management is vital to the success of the project however it is also time consuming.  Professional project execution already comes into effect during the very early stages of a project: when an idea is generated, possible ways to obtain funding and the possible constellation of the project team (maybe also including external partners) should be taken into consideration.

Furthermore proficient project management is vital when the project is formulated and funding is sought using various national or international (EU) options. Holzforschung Austria has many years of experience in carrying out research and development projects together with a large number of partners. Therefore aside from its technical and scientific expertise Holzforschung Austria also offers to perform project management tasks for research and development projects – ranging from the submission of a project application to public funding agencies to the reporting of the project findings.