Wooden flooring:
Dipl.-HTL-Ing. Klaus Peter Schober (Ext. -38, Email)

Laminate flooring:
Dipl.-HTL-Ing. Klaus Peter Schober (Ext. -38, Email)

Testing of the resistance to fire of wooden flooring
Test relevant to the CE-marking - formaldehyde emission



The specialized division „Flooring“ focuses on wooden and laminate flooring. Aside from the assessment of general properties relevant to the serviceability of wooden and laminate floors also testing for classification and initial type testing for CE marking are performed. Development and optimisation represents an important part of this field of work.

Research and development

Fundamental data significant for the safe use of wood flooring

Significant performance characteristics of wood flooring and parquet are the resistance to fire, the formaldehyde emission and the content of pentachlorophenol (PCP). Results which were obtained by testing a wide range of products available on the Austrian market form the basis for new developments which are also planned to be incorporated into European regulations. Ecological data from the production, the utilisation and the disposal was also determined and serve as decision-making aids for designers and consumers.

Laminate flooring

A particular emphasis is placed on the dimensional stability of laminate flooring in use under differing climatic conditions.    Products show considerable potential for improvement in this particular area.

Additional research and development

Wooden flooring – quality criteria (finish, chair castor resistance, edge bonding)

Testing and inspection

The specialized division „Flooring“ holds accreditations for a number of test methods for wooden and laminate flooring:

Wooden flooring:

  • ÖNORM EN 14342 (Wood flooring - Characteristics, evaluation of conformity and marking) represents an important prerequisite for CE marking. Performance characteristics are among others fire resistance, formaldehyde emission, content of pentacholorphenol
  • ÖNORM C 2354: Method for testing transparent sealing materials for wooden floors.

Laminate flooring: 

  • ÖNORM EN 13329 (Laminate floor coverings - Elements with a surface layer based on aminoplastic thermosetting resins - Specifications, requirements and test methods).
  • ÖNORM EN 14041 (Resilient, textile and laminate floor coverings - Essential characteristics). Tests relevant to the CE-marking: formaldehyde emission and content of pentachlorophenol.

Aside from general characteristics such as thickness, lengths, width, squareness, element flatness, surface layer straightness, opening and height differences between elements are also acertained.  Furthermore tests of resistance to abrasion, impact, cigarette burns and chemicals plus the castor chair tests are conducted for classification purposes. The dimensional stability as affected by dry and humid conditions is evaluated based on the requirements set in the standard as well as with respect to specific in-use conditions.

Additional services

Expert’s reports

On the basis of an assessment of facts at the site and/or laboratory testing of damaged flooring, the possible causes for damage are elaborated and upon request remedial actions are proposed.

Special facilities

  • Chamber for exposure to different climates
  • Testing rig for castor chair test
  • Testing rig for impact resistance tests
  • Test equipment for determination of wear resistance, scratch resistance, adherence, elasticity.


Additional information is provided in:

Analytical Chemistry / Measurement of emissions

Wood surfaces

Sawn wood and planed timber