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Determination of the bonding quality
Delamination test of glue lines


Adhesive technology

The specialized division “adhesive technology” is focused on testing of adhesives for load-bearing and non-structural applications in timber engineering. Furthermore quality assessments of adhesive joints in manufactured products (ranging from wood-based panels to structural timber components) with respect to bond strength and also emission behaviour are carried out. Expert’s reports are prepared in the event that joint failures or mistakes in the gluing process occur.

Research and development

Online-quality control for glued load-bearing timber structures

A complete system is under development which allows a continuous, contact-free and process-integrated quality control of glued load-bearing timber structures starting at the adhesive application and ending at the post-curing final product.

Testing and inspection

The specialized division “adhesive technology” is accredited according to national, European and international standards for testing adhesives, for determination of the bonding quality in finished products and for the determination of emission characteristics. In particular the following test methods are included (selected methods, other tests performed upon request):

Adhesive tests:

  • ÖNORM EN 301/ 302 parts 1 to 7: Adhesives for load-bearing timber structures, classification and performance requirements as well as test methods
  • ÖNORM EN 204/ 205: Wood adhesives for non-structural applications, classification and test methods
  • ASTM D 2559 und D 3535: Tests for attaining approval for the American market

Determination of the bonding quality in finished products:

  • ÖNORM EN 391: Glulam - Delamination test of glue lines
  • ÖNORM EN 392: Glulam - Shear test of glue lines
  • ÖNORM EN 314 parts 1 and 2: Plywood - Bonding quality
  • ÖNORM EN 13354: Solid wood panels (SWP) - Bonding quality

Emission tests:

  • ÖNORM EN 717 part 1: Formaldehyde emission by the chamber method
  • ÖNORM EN 717 part 2: Formaldehyde release by the gas analysis method

In the course of inspection work the formaldehyde emissions of adhesives and finished products (e.g. solid wood panels) are checked.

Additional Services

Expert’s reports cover the assessment and analysis of joint failures which occur during the manufacturing process or during the service life of glued products. 

Special equipment

  • Laboratory press
  • Universal testing machine with testing hardware
  • Formaldehyde chamber 
  • Equipment for gas-analysis tests
  • Light microscope


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