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Durable wooden structures are created by carefully designing and executing construction details
Executing cuts in the correct manner helps minimize exposure to direct weathering


Constructional wood protection

The specialized division “Constructional wood protection” focuses on the design of timber construction elements. On the one hand the focus lies on the design of structures which are used in exterior applications and are thus have to withstand the high demands of natural weathering. On the other hand components used in interior applications have to be designed in such a way that damages during the construction and service life can be eliminated as much as possible. To this end a close cooperation with the specialized division “Building physics” is essential.

Research and Development

Development of design

The aim to optimize the design of construction details for interior components as well as for wooden structures used under exterior conditions such as balconies, carports and pergolas. The process is started during the design stage, it is supported through laboratory trials and verified through long-term studies. Results are incorporated into publications such as “Wooden façades” and “Balconies and wooden decks”.

Additional services

 Expert’s reports

An emphasis is placed on the assessment of errors and damage pertaining to planning, design and workmanship as well as shortcomings during the utilization of a structure. Possible areas are:

  • Design of different kinds of timber structures for interior and exterior applications
  • Design of building components

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