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A feasibility study for a seven-storey timber construction was prepared by our experts


Multi-storey timber construction

The specialized division „Multi-storey timber construction” concentrates on multi-storey timber and mixed timber-RC/steel constructions.  In this area, research projects, inspections, monitoring and expert’s reports in this are carried out.

Research and developmenT

Optimisation of construction methods and design for multi-storey construction

In a completed project possible methods for joining timber elements with a supporting structure made from reinforced concrete were investigated. In particular connections and installation techniques were analyzed and investigations into sound transmission and integrity were conducted (Project: modular, very effective thermally insulated and intelligent building components for urban residential constructions). Through modelling the effects of the build or built-in-moisture on the  timber components were evaluated. Numerous guiding design solutions were developed and published in a brochure (brochure – available in German only)


Monitoring projects

In Vienna three designs were selected in an urbanistic and architectural competition for the pilot project „Mühlweg“. Realisation of the three winning designs was supported and supervised in the course of a project supported by the Viennese municipal office for research for residential construction. At a very early stage experience stemming from testing and inspection work as well as results from current research could be incorporated into the design work. The realisation of three high quality urban residential timber constructions was facilitated on the one hand by the scientific and technical support provided during manufacturing and installation phases and on the other hand by investigations into the effectiveness of sound proofing components and the air-tightness of the building envelop. 

High-rise multi-storey timber construction

A feasibility study for a seven-storey timber construction was prepared in cooperation with the Viennese municipal office MA 37 (Building Authorities), experts for pre-emptive fire protection and the Institute of Architectural Sciences at the Technical University Vienna (ITI).

The experts of this specialized division are partners in the “Building of Tomorrow” project 8+ (the “Building of Tomorrow” program is a program dedicated to research and technology maintained by the Austrian Federal Ministry of Transport, Innovation and Technology - BMVIT) and handle the areas building physics and fire protection.

Testing and inspection

The specialized division carries our inspections and monitoring projects concerning multi-storey timber constructions through-out all stages (from initial design to commissioning). This broad support by external technical experts increases the level of quality and inspires the property developer with additional confidence in multi-storey construction.  

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