Wood in exterior applications, wood flooring:
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Wood in interior applications, furniture:
DI Andreas Illy (Ext. -31, Email)

Wood in exterior applications:
DI Florian Tscherne (Ext. -15, Email)

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Coatings for wood used in exterior applications have to meet a wide range of requirements
Contact angle measurements are performed at HFA
Testing of the chemical resistance of furniture surfaces


Wood Surfaces

The specialised division „wood surfaces“ focuses on the properties of surfaces and coatings of wood in interior and exterior applications. Coatings for sidings, balconies, fences, deckings, wooden windows, wood-aluminium windows, doors, furniture, wooden floors and wall and ceilings claddings are covered.

Research and Development

Innovative coating systems for wood

R&D projects are being carried out in order to develop transparent coating systems for wood in exterior applications (Brightwood Project), as well as making use of new nano technology to gain surface hyddrophobicity of wood as well as technical processes for achieving greying of wood surfaces (Greywood Project)

Coatings for wooden windows

The aim is to optimize the moisture management in wooden windows by means of coatings and other measures, to develop coating systems for protected window designs (wood/aluminium window) as well as concepts for care, maintenance and repair of coatings.

Coatings for wood sidings and balconies

The main focus of this work lies on the weathering resistence, the maintenance and repair or resistence exterior wood coatings as well as on the influence of coatings on the moisture management in wood structures. In this context, recommendations are also given for the selection of coating systems and on how to consider coatings in calculations pertaining to building physics.

Furniture surfaces

Research focuses on the chemical resistance of furniture coatings and the prevention of colour changes due to photochemical reactions on wood surfaces.

Wood flooring

For sealing materials as well as for wood surfaces finished with oils or waxes, criteria were developed for ensuring quality, the resistance against wheels of castor chairs and the lateral adhesion between flooring elements.

Testing and Inspection

The specialised division „wood surfaces“ is accredited to perform testing of coatings and coating materials for wood surfaces. The following test methods are included (selected methods, other tests can be performed upon request):

Wood in exterior applications:

  • ÖNORM EN 927 parts 3, 5 and 6. Paints and varnishes - Coating materials and coating systems for exterior wood; natural weathering test, assessment of liquid water permeability, artificial weathering
  • ÖNORM C 2350 Coating materials for coating systems applied on dimensionally stable exterior building constructions of wood; adherence, water vapour permeability, flexibility, compatibility…
  • ÖNORM B 3803 Protection of timber used in buildings - Coatings of dimensionally stable wooden outdoor building components; film thickness of coatings, air inclusions in coatings;...

Furniture surfaces:

  • ÖNORM A 1605 Part 12 : Furniture surfaces: chemical resistance, abrasions resistance, sratch resistance,...

Wood flooring:

  • ÖNORM C 2354 Transparent sealing materials for wooden floors; chemical resistance, scratch resistance, adherence, flexibility

Additional services:

Expert’s reports

Expert’s reports cover analysis of defects on wood surfaces and coatings during their manufacturing and utilisation. Expert’s reports are prepared on the basis of an assessment of facts at the site and/or laboratory testing of defective surfaces as well as of laboratoring applied coatings prepared to match the defective system.

For products, expert’s reports are prepared in accordance with the guidelines of Austrian Environmental Label UZ01 for lacquers, translucent coatings and sealing materials for wooden floors.


Defects and composition of coatings, wood-based materials etc. are analyzed by means of light and scanning electron microscopy.

Surface analysis

Several options are at our disposal for surface analysis, among them:

  • FTIR spectroscopy
  • Determination of pH values
  • GCMS
  • ICP
  • Identification reagents
  • Contact angle measurements

Additional Equipment

  • Site for natural weathering and laboratory equipment for artificial weathering (QUV/Xenon)
  • Laboratory for microscopy (incident and transmitted-light microscopy, measuring microscope, various methods of sample preparation, digital image processing)
  • FTIR (Fourier Transform Infrared Spectroscopy with ATR and DRIFT Unit)
  • Equipment for application of coatings (brushing, dipping, air gun spraying, airless spray painting, airmix spray painting)
  • Chamber for exposure to different climates
  • Microwave tunnel
  • Xenon-Suntester
  • Equipment for testing abrasion resistance, scratch resistance, flexibility
  • Instrument for colour and gloss measurement
  • Equipment for contact angle measurements 
  • Spectrophotometer with integrating sphere for the detection of diffuse radiation

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