Holzforschung Austria - Austrian Forest Products Research Society (ÖGH)

The Holzforschung Austria - Austrian Society for Wood Research (HFA-ÖGH) was established as a non-profit organisation through a private initiative in 1948. Members are companies, institutes and individuals from the entire wood industry (forestry and all sectors of the wood processing and manufacturing).

An essential role of the HFA-ÖGH is the development of research and testing in the wood field. Furthermore HFA-ÖGH strives to transfer research results into practice. To this end Holzforschung Austria facilitates the dissemination of information in its publication "Magazin für den Holzbereich" (published in German).

Period of office of the steering committee and the task forces: 2015 – 2017

  Holzforschung Austria - Austrian Forest Products Research Society
President Mag. Reinhard V. Mosser
Vice president KommR. DI H. Neuner
Business manager DI Dr. M. Brandstätter
  Members of the steering committee
Forestry Mag. G. Schöppl (Österreichische Bundesforste AG) to 26. 11. 2015, Dr. R. Freidhager (Österreichische Bundesforste AG) from 27. 11. 2015
Timber trade Ing. F. Mühlbauer (Mühlbauer Holz GmbH)
Timber industry F. Binder (Binderholz GmbH), H. Handlos (Herbert Handlos Ges.m.b.H.), C. Kulterer (Hasslacher Drauland Holzindustrie GmbH), Mag. R. V. Mosser (Mosser Leimholz Ges.m.b.H.), Kommr DI H. Neuner (Wirtschaftsbetrieb Stift Admont), Ing. j. Peneder (Umdasch AG), DI R. Rumplmayr (Donausäge Rumplmayr Ges.m.b.H.), DI G. Steigthaler (Wiesner Hager Möbel Ges.m.b.H.), E. Weichselbaum (Elk Holding AG), Dr. E. Wiesner (Wiehag Ges.m.b.H.)
Timber processing industry Ing. R. Böhm (Bundesinnung Holzbau), BIM KommR. Ing. J. Breiter (Bundesinnung Tischler) to 26. 11. 2015, LIM KommR. Ing. H. Mitsch (Bundesinnung Tischler) from 27. 11. 2015
Paper industry DI Leo Arpa (Mondi Packaging Paper Ges.m.b.H)
Chemical industry Dr. W. Schörkhuber (Synthesa Chemie Ges.m.b.H.), IM KommR. M. Singer (Singer KG)
Associations DI M. Höbarth (Landwirtschaftskammer Österreich), Dr. C. Kollmann (Fachverband der Holzindustrie Österreichs)
Science Univ.-Prof. DI Dr. A. Teischinger (Boku Wien), Univ.-Prof. DDI W. Winter (TU Wien)
  task forces
task force science and research Univ.-Prof. DDI W. Winter (TU Wien), Univ.-Prof. Di Dr. A. Teischinger (Boku Wien), DI Dr. R. Mauritz (Doka Industrie Ges.m.b.H.), DI Dr. M. Brandstätter
task force certification Mag. C. Rebernig (BG Handel), KommR Ing. J. Breiter (Bundesinnung der Tischler), DI B. Budil (Land- & Forstbetriebe Österreichs), Di (FH) R. Handl (FV der Holzindustrie/BG Sägeindustrie), DI N. Müller
ÖGH-President Mag. Reinhard V. Mosser
Managing director Dr. Manfred Brandstätter