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Determination of the impact of effluents or specific substances on aquatic environments with Daphnia magna
Testing organism algae
Luminescent bacteria test to determine the ecotoxicity



The specialized division „ Ecotoxicology” focuses on the determination of the impact of effluents or specific substances on aquatic environments. Short-term (immediate) and long-term effects are being considered.
The pulp and paper industry, manufacturers of wood preservatives including active ingredients as well as public institutions and authorities are among our clients and project partners.
Tests are performed mainly for approvals of wood preservatives and chemicals (material safety data sheets), for the assessment of environmental safety and for other special issues.

Research and development

Anaerobic wastewater treatment / Improving the ability to degrade bleach plant effluents

Work focuses on the suitability of the oxygen free treatment of effluents from pulp bleaching processes and methods for the assessment of the efficiency of waste water treatments by means of biological testing methods.

New complexing agent

Assessment of the technological and ecological properties of complexing agents recently introduced for application in the paper industry.

Ecorelevancy of specific waste water compounds

Specific analyses of constituents in waste water from pulp and paper industry with respect to their specification and ecotoxicity are performed.

Optimisation of protection of sawn timber against sap stain fungi by means of modern fungicides

Methods were developed for the assessment of the environmental risk resulting from leaching of active ingredients from dip-treated timber stacks during weathering. The environmental requirements regarding the application of anti-sap stain preservatives in selected saw-mills were evaluated thus gaining insight into the application of these preservatives in the real world and associated problems.

Testing and inspection

Most tests offered by the specialized division „Ecotoxicology” are included in the scope of its accreditation. The following test methods are included (selected methods, other tests can be performed upon request):

  • Acute toxicity test to Daphnia magna Straus: ÖNORM EN ISO 6341
  • Chronic toxicity of substances to Daphnia magna Straus: ISO/FDIS 10706
  • Luminescent bacteria test: ÖNORM EN ISO 11348-2
  • Fresh water algal growth inhibition test: ÖNORM EN 28 692
  • Biodegradability: ÖNORM EN ISO  7827

Download „Ökotoxikologie von Holzschutzmittel-Wirkstoffen“ (in German, Ecotoxicology of active ingredients in wood preservatives)

Download "Beurteilung der gefahrenrelevanten Eigenschaften HP 14 „ökotoxisch“ gemäß Verordnung (EU) 2017/997 des Rates vom 8. Juni 2017"

Special facilities

  • Laboratory cultures of daphnia (Daphnia magna) and fresh water algae (Kirchneriella subcapitata)
  • Luminometer (for Luminescent bacteria test)
  • Sterile workbench for microbiological investigations


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