Visual stress grading:

DI Dr. Michael Golser (Ext. -62, Email)
DI Dr. Andreas Neumüller (Ext. -53, Email)

Machine stress grading

DI Anton Wegscheider (Ext. -54, Email)

Planed timber:

DI Dr. Andreas Neumüller (Ext. -53, Email)
Dipl. Ing. (BA) Eugen Spitaler (DW -48, Email)

laser interferometry
Stress grading of sawn timber by means of laser interferometry
Tensile test


Sawn Wood / Planed timber

This specialised division focuses on the quality assessment of sawn timber.  The tasks range from the development of new methods for stress grading of sawn timber to the inspection of the production of stress graded sawn timber and the attainment of the CE-certification and the quality control of planed timber.

Research and development

Stress grading of sawn timber

Over the last few of years machine stress grading of sawn timber has become a central research focus at Holzforschung Austria.  Together with the industry, new procedures and grading equipment have been developed and implemented in the field.  Currently the research focus lies on stress grading of sawn timber at higher wood moisture levels by means of laser interferometry as well as on a non-contact method for identifying wood grain direction via microwave radiation.

Testing and inspection

Within this specialised division, testing and plant inspections according to international, European and national standards and regulations are carried out.  Together with the West Coast Lumber Inspection Bureau (WCLIB), initial qualification tests for visual and mechanical grading of timber according to the American standards are being performed.  Companies which produce sawn timber for the Australian market are inspected according to the Australian standards.


The accreditation (or the notification whenever a harmonised standard or guideline serves as the basis) covers the following test methods:

Stress grading of sawn wood:

  • ÖNORM DIN 4074 Parts 1,3, 4 and 5 (visual and mechanical grading)
  • EN 14081 Parts 1 and 4 (Initial inspection e.g. inspection for CE-certification of visual and mechanical stress grading of timber)
  • AS/NZS 1748 (stress grading of sawn timber for Australia)
  • Inspection guidelines established by the group of manufacturer MH-Massivholz Austria

Planed timber:

  • Quality guidelines for planed goods of the Association of the European Planing Mill Industry (VEH)
  • ÖNORM EN 14342 (Tongued and grooved solid wood flooring)
  • ÖNORM EN 14915 (Planed wooden profiles for wall/ceiling)

Additional services

Expert´s reports

  • Expert´s reports and expertise regarding grading and quality assessment of sawn wood

Special facilities:

  • Laser interferometer for the determination of the resonance frequency of wood
  • Prototype plant for microwave radiation of wood

Additional information is provided in:

Glued structural timber

Residential construction