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ÜA Mark (approval Austria)

As of January 1st 2003, “prefabricated wall and ceiling components with wood supporting structure” is included in the 2nd issue of the building materials list ÖA of the Austrian institute for structural engineering (OIB). The building materials list, ÖA, determines the required approval for their use to building materials which are not subjected to the CE mark. The ÜA mark is a statement of conformity which according to state laws has to be affixed to prefabricated elements based on wooden load bearing structure. General information on the ÜA mark can be found under the OIB homepage (

As of 1st January 2004 manufacturers of prefabricated houses and carpenters who prefabricate closed wall and ceiling components with wood supporting construction (also wooden frames and solid wood building components) and who install them in Austria must affix the ÜA mark in order to comply with state laws.

ÜA-mark (Übereinstimmung Austria meaning Austrian Certificate of Conformity)

How to obtain the ÜA Mark (Austrian Certificate of Conformity)

  • Submit an application (Application form, explanation)
  • Define building components (Wall, floor, roof)
  • Define building materials employed
  • Check: have all building materials and products employed been tested ( list of building materials)?
  • Check: are test reports covering thermal, acoustic and fire performance requirements and issued by accredited testing laboratories available for the building components (list of required tests)
  • Establishing a factory production control (FPC) (see also factory production control)
  • Contractual agreement with an accredited body which performs continuous surveillance, assessment and approval of FPC (Surveillance). Holzforschung Austria is accredited to perform this task and carries out these inspections.

An application with building components, building materials (to be listed in profile of requirements and example), test reports and contract of supervision is submitted to the authorised body.

Catalogue of reviewed timber building components for thermal, acoustic, fire performance requirements is available on the internet (

Extension of the ÜA-Mark (Certificate of conformity):

Documents required for seeking an extension are provided for downloading

Application form


Profile of requirements