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Laboratory - Microwave facility
Test machine for tensile tests 1200 KN
Universal testing machine 275 KN


Glued structural timber

The central focus of this specialized division is the manufacturing of glued structural timber. This covers beam-shaped products such as glued laminated timber, glued laminated solid timber, finger jointed structural timber and various beams used in timber engineering as well as planar products such as cross laminated timber. The duties and responsibilities range from product development through to the execution of tests for approvals and to the inspection of manufacturing processes.

Research and Development

Online Quality Control

At present a project is concerned with the development of a complete system for contact-free, process integrated online quality control for all quality and strength-related production parameters for the manufacturing of glued structural products.

Accelerated Curing of Adhesives

The application of radiation based technologies can considerably accelerate the curing of adhesives. Holzforschung Austria has a laboratory scale microwave tunnel which allows this technology to be investigated in detail.

Testing and inspection

Within the framework of this division, testing and inspection according to international, European and national standards and regulations is carried out. In cooperation with the West Coast Lumber Inspection Bureau (WCLIB), tests for the approval of glued products for America are performed. Furthermore this division is recognised as a Third Testing Organisation (TTO) by the Norwegian Wood Research Institute NTI (Norsk Treteknisk Institutt) for the execution of regular monitoring according to Japanese standards.


The accreditation (e.g. notification of control equipment) comprising the following test procedures:

Product group glued laminated timber:

  • EN 14080 (Initial and subsequent inspections for CE certification of glued laminated timber)
  • ÖNORM EN 386 (Manufacturing of glued laminated timber)
  • DIN 1052 (Manufacturing of glued laminated timber for the German market)
  • Technical regulations of the Austrian association of the glulam industry (ÖLV)
  • RAL – Guidelines (RG 421) for Glued laminated timber

Product group finger jointed structural timber:

  • ÖNORM EN 385 (Manufacturing of finger jointed structural timber)
  • DIN 68140-1 (Production of finger-jointed structural timber in Germany)
  • Implementation-guidelines for the KVH monitoring group.

Product group double and triple laminated beams:

  • Approval from the Deutsches Institut für Bautechnik (DIBt) and requirements from the Austrian Institution for Structural Engineering (OIB)

Product group cross laminated timber:

  • Various approvals from the Deutsches Institut für Bautechnik (DIBt)
  • Various European Technical Approvals

Additional services

 Advisory service for the preparation and realisation of an ETA (e.g. for cross laminated timber)

  • Discussions with the OIB
  • Designing of a testing plan
  • Execution of a testing plan

Expert’s reports

Expert´s reports are prepared on the analysis of damage in different timber engineering components which are designed with by glued members. This is carried out mainly by assessing the facts at the site and by performing tests in the laboratory.


Glue master´s course: Every year the “glue master´s course” (a training courses for wood bonding) is offered. During this one week advanced training course, the fundamentals of wood bonding techniques, of timber grading, of the requirements pertaining to the manufacturing of glued structural timber products and their compliance with product standards are explained in detail. This course is primarily aimed at personnel from the glulam industry as well as from companies which work with glulam components.

Special facilities

  • Universal testing machine 275 KN
  • Test machine for tensile tests 1200 KN
  • Component testing facility
  • Testing facility for the determination of bondline quality (resistance to delamination, bond strength in longitudinal tensile shear strength)
  • Laboratory - Microwave facility
  • Laboratory-scale press

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