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A project aims at developing new innovative and feasible products from fibre rejects and sludge containing waste material from the pulp and paper industry
The specialized division deals predominantly with projects supporting the pulp and paper industry in implementing ecological and economical paper manufacturing processes


Pulp / Paper

The specialized division “Pulp and Paper” deals predominantly with projects supporting the pulp and paper industry in implementing ecological and economical paper manufacturing processes.  This encompasses research activities in the field of pulp and paper production ranging from the implementation of the Water Framework Directive to the ecological use of residual materials from paper manufacturing.  Projects are carried out predominantly in partnership with the Austrian pulp and paper industry but also in international cooperation with European Partner Institutes.

Research and Development

Recovery of chemical agents

In national and international research projects, recycling processes are developed which facilitate the gentle use of resources in paper manufacturing.

Environmentally friendly production

Persistent active agents (e.g. chelating agents) which are harmful to the environment, are being replaced by alternative biocompatible substances.

Recyclable coatings for paper

An international research project is aiming to develop biodegradable modified organic coatings based on renewable resources for photographic paper and packaging materials.

Microorganisms in Biofilms

Using DGGE fingerprinting the development of biofilms in industrial equipment was investigated alongside its possible correlation with corresponding parameters. By employing cloning techniques bacteria actively involved in the formation of biofilms were identified.

Biotechnical Processes:

  • Enzymatic bleaching, enzymatic deinking, enzymatic removal of extraneous material/impurities

Testing and inspection

The department of pulp and paper is accredited for all the tests offered. These cover the following testing methods (limited selection, further tests by request):

  • Measurement of the average viscometric degree of polymerization of new and aged cellulosic electrically insulating materials (EN 60450 VDE 0311-21:2005 03)

Other fields of activity:

  • Bleaching of cellulose, semi-chemical pulp and recycled paper
  • Development of new bleaching processes
  • Optimisation of manufacturing processes
  • Process development and optimisation in the field of pulp treatment
  • „Recycling Paper Technology“ – bleaching, deinking, questions regarding residual materials
  • Pulp characterisations
  • Pulp and paper testing


Special facilities

  • Wet laboratory

Additional information is provided in:


Analytical Chemistry / Measurement of emissions

Molecular biology