PEFC™ Certification

Reliably assuring the responsible handling of the natural resources used along the entire upstream supply chain is indispensable for more and more companies. The two globally recognized forest certification systems PEFC™ and FSC® offer a variety of tools to implement this goal in the best possible way in your company. By using the logo on your products and promotional materials after certification, you communicate your corporate commitment to sustainable forest management effectively to the public and strengthen the brand value of your products and your company.


Holzforschung Austria – your competent partner on the way to PEFC certification

Since the beginning of PEFC™ activities in Austria, we have been accredited as a PEFC™ Chain of Custody (CoC) certification body (worldwide). A high level of professional competence, extensive knowledge of the processes relevant to certification of companies in the wood, paper, and printing industries, a rapid implementation of certification in close communication with the companies as well as the associated high level of customer satisfaction have made us the clear market leader in Austria.

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Information regarding PEFC™

Founded in Paris in 1999 as the Pan European Forest Certification Council (PEFC), non-European members also joined in 2002, so the meaning of the acronym PEFC™ was changed to "Programme for the Endorsement of Forest Certification schemes" in 2003. The primary goal of PEFC™ is the improvement of the sustainable forest management with regard to economic, ecological, as well as social standards. Further information regarding PEFC™ can be found at and

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DI (FH) Martin Wolfsbauer

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Our services

PEFC™ single location certification

Standard certification for companies with one location. In certain circumstances, an additional location can be included in the certificate.

PEFC™ Multi-Site certification

Certification option for large companies that are linked by their ownership structure or by legal/contractual agreements.

PEFC™ group certification

Designed in compliance with special framework conditions for the certification of small, independent companies that join forces and get themselves certified as a group.

PEFC™ project certification

Specific form of CoC certification for the construction/manufacture of a unique object (e.g. a building) for which PEFC™-certified products are used.

Combined certification PEFC™ and FSC®

Each of the four PEFC™ services presented can also be carried out together with an FSC® certification. The associated synergy effects enable us to provide you with a particularly inexpensive combination offer.

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