ÜA marking

The ÜA marking (Übereinstimmung Austria) with its associated registration certificate – formerly a certificate of conformity – is a legal requirement in Austria for the usability of construction products, which are regulated in the Building Materials List ÖA. Among other things, it concerns prefabricated load-bearing wall, ceiling, and roof components with a wooden structure. These are, on the one hand, elements closed on both sides in a wooden frame construction and, on the other hand, solid wood components with additional component layers, such as insulation, gypsum boards or facade. If such prefabricated elements are installed in buildings in Austria, they are subject to mandatory ÜA marking. This also applies to components that are produced abroad.


A valid registration certificate confirms that the wall, ceiling and roof components listed therein and the building materials used meet the legal requirements regarding the ÜA marking and that the executing company (carpentry firm or prefabricated house manufacturer) is regularly externally monitored by an external body accredited for this purpose.

ÜA marking

Prefabricated load-bearing wall and ceiling components with a wooden construction are regulated by the ÖA Building Materials List of the Austrian Institute of Construction Engineering (OIB). The ÖA Building Materials List specifies the necessary proof of usability for building products that are not yet subject to the CE marking. The ÜA marking is a built-in seal and is required for such prefabricated elements in accordance with the respective state laws. General information can also be found on the OIB website.

The authorization to mark the components with the so-called ÜA marking is issued via an official registration certificate. This defines the tested components and building materials and prescribes an in-house production control as well as external monitoring. Companies that have a registration certificate and thus the authorization to manufacture prefabricated wooden components are listed on the website of the Österreichisches Institut für Bautechnik (OIB) www.oib.or.at and can be identified by the number of the registration certificate. The fulfillment of these requirements is visually marked with the ÜA sign, which must be affixed to the components.

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Our services

Preparation of the required documents

We support you in all the necessary steps, starting with the application, then the preparation of the documents (building material and component definition including the required building physical evidence) through to the submission to the respective registration office.

External monitoring in the manufacturing plant

As an accredited body, we carry out the initial monitoring in the manufacturing plant and are also active throughout Europe for this purpose in case your production facility is not in Austria. In addition to the materials and their processing, the physical properties of the finished components and the self-monitoring are inspected as well. After receipt of the monitoring report, an external monitoring contract is concluded.

Prefabricated wall components

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