Holzforschung Austria

Holzforschung Austria – Austrian Forest Products Research Society (HFA-ÖGH) was founded in 1948. With about 100 employees, Holzforschung Austria is the largest research and testing institute for wood in Austria.


Complaints and appeals

Holzforschung Austria tries hard to carry out all its services correctly and in compliance with the applicable regulations at a high level. Of course, not everything runs so plain and smoothly always, and we also make mistakes from time to time.

Sometimes it also happens that you disagree with the results of the services you have commissioned - such as tests, inspections or certifications - or you doubt the conformity of our customers' products that we have declared.

If you are not satisfied with us or one of our services, which we have provided either for you or for someone else, we offer you the opportunity to raise your concerns. In this document we inform you how we will deal with your complaint or appeal in accordance with a regulated procedure and how you will be informed about the progress of this procedure

Information sheet Complaints and Appeals

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