Verification of round timber measuring systems

A large number of sawmills in Austria have an electronic round timber measuring system subject to verification. In its function as a verification agency authorized by the Federal Office of Metrology and Surveying, Holzforschung Austria has been guaranteeing compliance with the relevant verification regulations since 2005.


Verification duty and verification service

The approximately 170 round timber measuring facilities used for the monetary settlement of round timber by means of which over 90% of the logs cut in Austria are currently measured are all subject to statutory calibration. During the verification, which is as a rule necessary every two years, the employees of Holzforschung Austria check whether the systems comply with the technical approval and the applicable verification regulations. Furthermore, compliance with the verification error limits and, as needed, curvature measurement are checked during diameter and length measurement.

Research partner in round timber scanning

Since the first legal regulation came into force in 1984, the verification of log measuring systems was for decades limited to the parameters length, diameter, and volume. But already in the 1990s, a new generation of measurement technology found its way into domestic sawmills – full contour measurement. These measurements – mostly equipped with lasers and several cameras – were now able to display the entire log contour in real time and to determine value-determining features such as curvature, taper and oval shape using complex evaluation algorithms. Since 2014, these parameters as well have been subjected to the statutory calibration obligation. These new legal regulations were preceded by extensive research. We at Holzforschung Austria have been playing a leading role in this and similar research activities in the round timber scanning area at national and international level for many years.

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