Product and process safety

We offer accredited and notified testing services and thus make a significant contribution to product and process safety. Along with our knowledge of the latest developments in the wood sector, we are therefore the ideal partner in all matters of quality assurance. Find out more about our services in the various subject areas. In addition, we also work for you as a verification body for electronic roundwood measurement systems in Austria.


Reliable partner

We are the testing laboratory
in the wood sector


Testing is the basis of all conformity

Holzforschung Austria has decades of experience as a test laboratory in the wood sector. In the beginning, it was the classic tests for determining the parameters for the material of wood itself, but over the decades, testing competence has developed across the entire spectrum of the heterogeneous HFA portfolio.

From determining the tensile strength of a glued laminated timber lamella via the scratch resistance of a kitchen counter worktop and the burglary-resistant effect of an apartment door, all the way to determining the formaldehyde release of a wood based panel, and much, much more.

Throughout the years, many of the test methods have been co-developed by Holzforschung Austria, mostly as a by-product of research and development work, often in cooperation with domestic and foreign cooperation and research partners.

Worldwide recognition

More than 200 of these test methods are also included in the scope of the accreditation of our test centre. The accreditation takes place on the Austrian Accreditation Act (AkkG2012), which in turn indirectly prescribes compliance with ISO/IEC 17025, the international requirements standard for test laboratories.

This accreditation is issued by Austrian National Accreditation Body "Akkreditierung Austria", a department in the Ministry of Digital and Economic Affairs, by notice. Their membership in a European and international network is in turn the key to worldwide recognition of the test reports we issue.

Verification of round timber measuring systems

A large number of sawmills in Austria have an electronic round timber measuring system subject to verification. In its function as a verification body autorized by the Federal Office of Metrology and Surveying, Holzforschung Austria has been guaranteeing compliance with the relevant calibration regulations since 2005.


We carry out product tests for all solid wood products and wood-based materials, including wood-polymer materials (WPC).

Sawn timber / planed material

Glued solid wood components

Wood based panels


Timber construction

We accompany our customers from the first product idea through product development all the way to receiving approval of their timber building products.

Component testing

Structural design


Building physics

We are happy to assist you with any questions you may have about building acoustics, fire protection, and thermal insulation/moisture protection.


Heat / humidity




Fittings & furniture

We test windows, doors, (glass) facades, floors, and furniture in all design versions and materials.

Windows / doors / curtain wall facade




Wood protection &

Varnishes, coatings, oils, and wood preservatives are checked for their quality and environmental compatibility.

Chemical wood protection


Molecular biology




We investigate chemical interactions of all known materials with their environment.

Emissions & indoor air

Active ingredients & biocides

Material & wood chemistry



We answer burning questions about the quality of pellets, briquettes and wood fuel.

Wood fuel

Pellets & briquettes


Round timber
measuring systems

We are a accredited verification body for round timber measuring systems in Austria.



We support ÜA marking, quality labels, ÖNORM tested, wood fuel takeover and industrial wood takeover and DINplus.

We inspect your company


Testing requires infrastructure

Large laboratories

The large laboratories for a wide variety of areas reflect our wide range of topics. The Akustik Center Austria, the centre for windows and doors, the biomass pilot plant, the chemistry laboratory, and our testing facility are merely cited as relevant examples for the wide range of testing and research facilities at both Holzforschung Austria locations.

Further infrastructure

Our electron microscope, our house longhorn beetle breeding, the furniture testing laboratory and other Holzforschung Austria facilities are listed in the respective subject areas of our testing services.


Sound lab

The Akustik Center Austria specializes in the inspection of prefabricated components, which means that sound measurements can be carried out very economically.


Biomass pilot plant

With our centrally controlled and modular biomass technical centre, we can scale results up to industrial scale.


Strength testing lab

In our test hall, we provide infrastructure for tests in accordance with all relevant national and European standards.


Centre for windows and doors

In our own test centre at the Stetten bei Korneuburg location, we test and examine windows, doors, and facades as well as individual components.


Chemistry laboratory

Our laboratory for chemical analysis helps with all environmental questions regarding the use of wood and renewable raw materials both indoors and outdoors, as well as in the manufacturing process.

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