Wood based panels

Wood based panels are characterized by their product variety with different properties for different areas of application, whether indoors or outdoors, as building or furniture panels. The product tests are just as varied as the product properties. The spectrum of our material tests ranges from classic wood-based materials (chipboard, fibre, insulation, and solid wood panels, OSB, plywood, LVL) through to Wood-Plastic-Composite (WPC).


Accredited test centre

Holzforschung Austria is a test centre for wood-based materials recognized by Akkreditierung Austria.

Traditional wood-based materials such as chipboard, fibre insulation, solid wood and plywood boards or OSB, LVL and cement-bonded chipboards are suitable for a wide range of applications. The use as a construction product is subject to the Construction Products Regulation applicable in Europe. Today's wood-based materials have to meet strict requirements for emissions behaviour.

In particular, the mechanical and technological properties specified in the respective product standard determine the performance and possible uses of a wood-based material. The properties of the surface determine the suitability for use of products in everyday life. The quality of the adhesion is the decisive factor, especially for plywood materials such as solid wood panels and plywood. Again, the structure in the matrix for chip- and fibre-based wood-based materials is the property-determining criterion which can be analyzed by electron microscopic images.

The market for natural fibre composites, especially WPC, has developed particularly strongly in recent decades. Experience has shown, however, that not all products meet the Central European climate requirements.


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Holzforschung Austria is a notified body pursuant to the European Construction Products Regulation for all relevant areas of the timber construction industry.

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Our services

Mechanical technological properties

We carry out tests according to the performance characteristics specified in the product standards (e.g. strength & rigidity, swelling, retention capacity for fasteners, etc.). Detailed structure analyses are possible based on electron-microscopic images.

Emissions and durability

In the chemistry laboratory, we determine the emission behaviour of formaldehyde and other volatile organic compounds (VOC) as well as normative provisions on durability (resistance to weather influences and biological pests).

Surface tests

We check the properties (e.g. wear, light fastness, shock resistance, chemical resistance, etc.) of furniture surfaces and floors that are defined according to EN 438.

Construction products

For the use of wood-based materials as a construction product, we offer initial tests as part of the CE certification according to EN 13986.

Adhesion quality

We determine and evaluate the quality of bonding for solid wood panels and plywood in accordance with the standard procedures developed for this.

Testing of WPC/NFC

We test the mechanical-technological properties as well as the application-technical parameters based on the quality directive for WPCs and EN 15534-1.

Determining the strength properties for use in the construction sector

Adhesion errors with plywood

Available infrastructure:

Universal testing machines:

  • Zwick 100 kN
  • Zwick 270 kN

Other facilities for testing wood-based materials

  • Electron microscope
  • Formaldehyde and VOC  test chambers
  • Climate and drying cabinets
  • Lightfastness testing device
  • Taber abrasion test facility
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