Energetic use

We conduct objective assessments of all forms of biogenic solid fuels such as energy wood, pellets, or briquettes. Whether water content, mould, excess length, fine fraction, chemical elements, or odour, our experts bring together knowledge from the areas of standardization, biomass processing, and Research & Development, and thus support a fair customer-supplier relationship. Due to remote sampling and mobile laboratory, we act timely and are very flexible. When it comes to new processing technologies for biomass, our independent reports help in taking the next step towards the market launch.


Strict accounting – good friends

In the B2B area, regulations such as the “FHP Guideline for the Transfer of Wood Fuel by Weight and Energy Content", or bilateral agreements for the billing of the supplied energy wood are often used. If there are still discrepancies, the objective assessment by our experts often helps to clarify the facts. It enables a fair takeover process.

Fuel classification for green power plants

We subject the primary energy sources used in green power plants for solid biomass to a fuel classification and mass balance.

Quality assurance

Problems and complaints can arise in the international trade of compressed biomass and in particular pellets due to lack of transparency or poor quality. Our experts have many years of experience in the areas of pellet production, trading of bag pellets, ENplus®, DINplus, sampling, quality assurance and raw material characterization, and detect deviations and cases of fraud.

Technology evaluation

The implementation of an innovative technology and its market launch is fraught with many hurdles. Our independent assessment compared to the state of the art creates the basis e.g. for financing through bank guarantees or the attainment of the CE labelling and is also used as an independent assessment of suitability.

Mobile laboratory

If there is any uncertainty about the fuel quality or if undesired influences are discovered, correct and independent sampling is crucial for laboratory analyses. Remote sampling is particularly flexible here. Using mobile laboratory equipment, our experienced employees also determine chemical parameters on site and take samples from biomass, air, water and soil.


Contact persons


Dr. Martin Weigl-Kuska

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Environmental analytics

DI (FH) Christina Fürhapper

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Truck loading of wood chips

Non-conforming sampling of energy wood

Stem wood classified as raw material class C3 according to OENORM C 4005

Determination of moisture content according to ISO 17225-1

Portable X-ray fluorescence spectrometer for non-destructive material testing

Accelerated Solvent Extractor for gentle solvent extraction

Available infrastructure:

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