ENplus® Certification

"ENplus®: Quality Certification Scheme for Wood Pellets" is an international quality assurance system for the production and logistics of wood pellets. The European Pellet Council and the national associations such as proPellets Austria are the system leaders. Strict specifications for pellet quality and seamless control from production to sales to the end user ensure smooth operation of small combustion systems with ENplus® certified pellets. Regular self-monitoring, retention samples and documentation requirements guarantee continuously high pellet quality as well as maximum transparency.


A valid ENplus® certificate confirms that the respective company meets all requirements and is regularly monitored by an external body in accordance with the requirements of the ENplus® manual. Through our certification process, we guarantee the conformity of pellet production and trading with the requirements of ENplus® handbook.

ENplus® labelling

The labelling of ENplus® certified pellets on sack sheets or delivery documents is designed in such a way that the end user can easily check the origin and quality class of the pellets. The individual ENplus® ID for each trader and manufacturer guarantees transparency regarding the origin of the pellets. It is made up of the country code of the respective manufacturer or dealer in combination with a three-digit number and is assigned by the European Pellet Council (EPC) or the responsible national pellet association in the course of the initial certification. In order to take account of this transparency, the ENplus® ID, is displayed on all ENplus® certificates in addition to our certificate number. In addition, each certificate contains the specification in quality class A1 or quality class A2. Both quality classes denote high-quality products with defined parameters, but quality class A2 allows a higher ash content than quality class A1.

ENplus® documents

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Our services

Inspection and certification from a single source

Many customers appreciate our combination of inspection and certification for both ENplus® production and trade because it saves time and money. Our certificate is the basis for the required ENplus® license and ID. We offer our service worldwide.

Pellet trade

Our independent auditors monitor the pellet trade of bulk or bagged pellets on site or as a remote audit once a year.

Pellet production

Our independent auditors monitor the pellet production on site once a year and take a sample to test the fuel quality.

Quality-certified pellets

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