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In Research & Development, we are innovative pioneers, supporting innovation processes and creating new application possibilities and foundations for the use of wood. As one of the largest research institutes in Austria, we have completed more than 700 cooperative projects on a wide variety of topics. Find out more about our services and our current and completed projects in our four topical research focuses.


Research & Development

We enable innovation


Raw materials
& construction materials

We develop and optimise timber and timber construction products as well as production and quality assurance methods.



Building & Living

The focus is on building structure, timber house construction, house technology, building physics, building shell, facade, fittings, furniture, and surfaces.



Ecological aspects

We conduct research on environmentally friendly products and ensure healthy indoor air through the use of timber.



Energetic use

We develop products and processes for the energy transition.



project management

We support our customers in structuring their research idea and finding possible project partners, thereby making innovations suitable for submitting funding applications. In the further implementation phase, we are happy to take on the project management and thus enable efficient and goal-oriented project execution as well as the maximum use of the whole funding amount.

Company projects

Innovative ideas come into existence in many different places. In order for them to be successful on the market one day, countless steps are necessary, both time-consuming and cost-intensive. HFA specializes in the development of R&D projects on a small and large scale. This includes finding the right funding track, compiling and writing the project application, as well as actively and creatively planning and implementing the research activities. Tanks to decades of experience in project management with various national and international funding agencies, we know the Dos and Don'ts to achieve the best possible use of the funding.


From intensive contact with national and international companies, we are aware early on of smaller and larger problems which tend to make our customers' everyday work more difficult. At HFA, we regularly develop relevant topics and issues relating to cooperative research projects that can be positioned in the funding landscape. This enables the participating research and company partners to develop application-oriented and comprehensive solutions on a scale that would not be economically feasible in individual projects. This one important reasons for creating long-term cooperations that help everyone involved to succeed.

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Cooperative projects

A successful research project depends on many success factors: an innovative idea, the right funding channel, a highly qualified consortium, an excellent funding application, a creative research programme and an experienced project management. With an optimum interplay of these factors, ambitious goals can be achieved. In order to provide ample space for innovation, we ensure that research teams are always at the cutting edge of knowledge. Essential administrative processes, such as communication with the funding agency, are of course included.

Project list

We carry out projects in a wide variety of research fields in the entire timber industry:

  • Raw materials & construction materials
  • Building & Home
  • Ecological aspects
  • Energetic use

Cooperative projects

Kooperationslabor Holz-Beton-Fügetechnik

Timber-concrete composite ceilings have become increasingly popular in recent years. Current systems, however, mostly use notches or screws for the shear force...



The time saving properties of timber construction based on high prefabrication standards is commonly lost in the course of implementing the technical building equipment,...


Local leaks

The airtightness or the permissible air permeability can currently only be determined as a total parameter for the entire building using a Blower-Door measurement or for...



Today, the mainly used pigments for coatings in the outdoor area are of synthetic or inorganic origin. Their synthesis and the retrieval of raw materials needed for their...



The EU project READiStrength is a cooperation between Austria, Germany and Sweden. We exploit current developments in roundwood characterization technology (X-ray CT...

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