Timber construction products and load-bearing structures

Timber construction products must be produced according to the relevant standards and regulations. On the one hand, the technical requirements, such as strength sorting or the quality of the adhesion must be fulfilled, on the other hand, consumers often have specific ideas about the natural building material wood. There may also be changes in the usage phase due to the swelling and shrinking behaviour and the associated crack formation, which lead to uncertainty among the persons responsible for maintenance.

We carry out assessments of timber construction products and timber structures with regard to the respective requirements or condition. In special cases, we also take samples for damage analysis in our laboratories.


Wood based panels , WPC

The wide variety of wood-based materials, including WPC, enables a widespread use of these products. However, the product properties do not always match the area of application. Based on our extensive know-how about the individual products, we create fact-based damage analyses and, if necessary, remediation proposals.

Timber construction products

Timber construction products are primarily load-bearing components that are installed in buildings and constructions. Here, of course, the focus is on technical functionality. However, since some of the components are visibly installed, the visual appearance also plays a major role. We prepare expert’s reports for both the functionality of the components and their agreed visual requirements.

Timber supporting structures

We prepare expert’s reports for the analysis of damage to a wide variety of wooden structures that are made with glued components. This is usually done by taking stock and assessing on site as well as studies in the laboratory.

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Timber construction products, load-bearing structures

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Timber construction products, load-bearing structures

Dipl.-Ing. (BA) Eugen Spitaler

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Wood-based materials, WPC

DI Franz Neumüller

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Regular inspection is necessary for exposed components

Crack formation of laminated timber beams

Light microscopes for examining microstructures

Available infrastructure:

  • Strength test facilities
  • Delamination cabinet
  • Climatic chamber
  • Optical and scanning electron microscopy
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