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We offer excellent know-how paired with creativity from basic research all the way to product development, and we contribute our industry and market knowledge.
Our services in R&D range from surface microstructures to the supporting structures of buildings, from building physics modeling to 1:1 fire tests, from structural optimisation of windows/doors to the durability of facades, all the way to examinations of floor coverings and coatings for indoor and outdoor use.


Building structure and statics

In our static test facility, we offer examinations into load transfer and building bracing as well as into the connection technology of components. Furthermore, our civil engineers will support you with static calculations and modeling.

Wooden house construction and house technology

The development of high-performance components and the use of new, efficient component layers for our customers are part of our standard programme. The subject of prefabrication and joining technology significantly determines our development work. The intelligent integration of complex building services constitutes another focus.

Building physics and fire protection

We support you in your product development with hygrothermal simulations, 1:1 experiments in the laboratory and in the field test, as well as building acoustic measurements in the Akustik Center Austria. In the field of fire protection, we design, organize, and evaluate extensive fire tests together with our cooperation partners.

Building shell and facade

In the area of windows, doors and (glass) facades, we offer all options for structural, thermal and acoustic optimisation of components, e.g. in connection with vacuum glass.
We deal with the subject of wooden facades in all of its facets, from the choice of raw materials to the construction and surface quality through to durability, service life, and maintenance.

Fittings, furniture, and surfaces

Home furnishings such as seating furniture, kitchens, beds or mattresses are just as much part of our research objects as office or school furniture.
In the area of flooring and decking, we examine materials, constructions and durability.
Surface structures and coatings in the weathered and non-weathered area are further research topics.

Contact Persons

Windows / doors

Dipl.-HTL-Ing. Peter Schober

P:+43 1 798 26 23-38
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Timber construction

DI Sylvia Polleres

P:+43 1 798 26 23-67
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Building physics

Dr. Bernd Nusser

P:+43 1 798 26 23-71
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Dr. Gerhard Grüll

P:+43 1 798 26 23-61
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Our services

Akustik Center Austria

The building acoustics laboratory offers examination capabilities for walls, ceilings, roofs, windows, facades and building technology as well as for longitudinal sound conduction and butt joint design. Using laser technology, we can render sound-induced vibrations "visible".

Centre for windows and doors

We offer comprehensive testing and examination options for all types of windows, doors, and facades as well as for individual components such as window profiles, fittings, sun protection devices, mounting systems and the like, irrespective of the material.


Light microscopes and a scanning electron microscope (SEM/EDX) provide us with images and measurements for analysing the structure, topography, and chemical composition of a wide variety of material samples.

Field test houses

We examine wall elements, windows, doors, flat roofs and pitched roofs in our two field test houses at real outdoor climate conditions and adaptable indoor climates. Thus, we are able to analyze effects and their interactions beyond laboratory conditions.

Projects building & home


Building components with sustainable materials: focus (hygro-) thermal conditions


Long Life Decking

In this three-year research project, Holzforschung Austria develops care and maintenance concepts to extend the usability and to improve the appearance of coated and...


Akustik Center Austria

Holzforschung Austria has set up a building acoustics laboratory at the Stetten location as part of the COIN funding channel. In this project, flexible wood construction...



Window prototypes with integrated vacuum glass


Sound Wood Austria

Increasing planning reliability for the sound insulation design of Austrian timber building



Structured Surfaces of Wood Flooring with Optimal Resistance against Chemical Influences


Brand Wasser Schaden

The present research project investigates the essential issues of fire and water damage restoration in the field of timber construction. A sustainable reconstruction of...



„Bau-Cycle – Nachhaltige Baustoff-Kreisläufe durch Materialanalyse und Schadstoffabtrennung“ zielt auf das Schließen wesentlicher Lücken in der Kreislauf­führung von Bauprodukten insbesondere den Materialgruppen Altholz, Altfenster und Dämmstoffe ab.


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