Ecological aspects

We provide the basis for awarding eco-labels by assessing products and their manufacture with regard to environmental effects. This is done using guidelines as well as information and analysis results concerning the products and processes. Health aspects of building with wood are dealt with by means of the assessment and renovation support in the event of mould contamination and waste wood contamination.



We inspect products and production processes with respect to the criteria of eco-label guidelines. This includes the following guidelines for the Österreichisches Umweltzeichen:

  • UZ 01 Varnishes, Glazes and Wood Sealers
  • UZ 06 Furniture
  • UZ 07 Wood, Wood-based Materials and Floor Coverings made of Wood
  • UZ 28 Weather-Resistant Wood Products
  • UZ 34 Office work chairs and office chairs
  • UZ 38 Biomass-Based Fuel
  • UZ 54 Low-emission upholstered furniture
  • UZ 55 Bed Mattresses

Further assessments are made for baubook, LEED and Blauer Engel.

Mould contamination

In addition to the technical assessment and determination of the cause of mould in building structures, we provide our assessment of the risk in the respective building and living space situation based on our knowledge of the literature. Airborne germ measurements can be performed. We recommend measures for the professional removal of mould growth on surfaces and accompany this remedial measure by checking the execution quality.

Indoor air

We conduct measurements of VOCs and formaldehyde in living and working spaces as the basis for toxicological reports by other experts. In addition, airborne germs and fine dust pollution can be measured and dust samples can be analysed.

Recycling wood

A possible contamination of recovered wood with chemicals as well as compliance with legally required benchmarks is checked in our chemical analytical laboratory. This provides the basis for the assessment of hazards in the respective area of application.

Contact persons


Dipl.-Ing. Andreas Illy

P:+43 1 798 26 23-31
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Wood damage, mould, air sampling

Mag.a Notburga Pfabigan

P:+43 1 798 26 23-23
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Air sampling

Mag.a Andrea Steitz

P:+43 1 798 26 23-37
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Recycling wood and active ingredient analysis

DI (FH) Christina Fürhapper

P:+43 1 798 26 23-52
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Indoor air quality

Mag. Elisabeth Habla

P:+43 1 798 26 23-22
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We assess the emission behaviour of various building materials with our VOC chambers.

The air sampler is used to take samples of the ambient air for analysis in the laboratory.

The FLEC cell enables emission measurements on installed components on site.

Available infrastructure:

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