HFA inspected

The reports we issue are an important means for our customers to get their products accepted in various markets and to ensure the quality of their production processes. With our specially created "HFA inspected" marking, customers can show this tested and verified quality of their products in a visually clear and noticeable manner.


Recognition value

Our HFA inspected mark represents a very high recognition value and immediately creates the desired connection with the HFA. This has been achieved with a design that incorporates essential elements of the HFA logo in a round sign. Above all, the distinctive hook and the inscription "HOLZFORSCHUNG AUSTRIA INSPECTED" lend the sign and the product associated with it their desired character.
Potential customers and interested parties can obtain information about the product marked with the certification mark via an individual test number.

The current mark holders you can find right here:

Mark holder list

Customers who have concluded a contract with the HFA which includes the following components are entitled to use the HFA inspected mark:

  • the guideline created for it
  • an initial test carried out
  • the inspection mark released by the HFA with an individual test number

The right to use the mark also presupposes that 

  • the HFA creates a test report with a positive evaluation for the product tested,
  • the conditions laid down in a monitoring contract are observed,
  • the inspections and tests carried out as part of the surveillance confirm the results of the initial tests,
  • the annual nominal charge of currently € 130.– has been paid.


The marking is permitted for those products that are provided for in the respective contract.

The mark may be used in particular

  • on the product itself
  • on the packaging of the product
  • in accompanying technical documents of the product
  • in promotional materials for the product
  • on the website of the entity authorized to use it, but only in direct and unambiguous connection with the product.

We are convinced that with the HFA inspected mark, we have provided our customers with a good marketing tool for a positive differentiation from the competition.


The HFA inspected mark shows the tested and verified quality of your products

HFA inspected Regulations and application

HFA-Prüfzeichen | Regulations (pdf, 1 MB)

HFA-Prüfzeichen | Application form (pdf, 615 KB)

HFA inspected guidelines

HFA-Richtlinie 01 | Parkett und Holzfußböden (pdf, 162 KB)

HFA-Richtlinie 02 | Terrassen aus Holz - Befestigungsmittel (pdf, 449 KB)

HFA-Richtlinie 03 | Montage von Fenstern und Außentüren | Standard-Fenstereinbau gemäß ÖNORM B 5320 (pdf, 192 KB)

HFA-Richtlinie 04 | Holzbauschrauben (pdf, 79 KB)

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