Bauen mit Laubholz

research area: Building & living
project status: ongoing

Project purpose is to establish foundations for an effective use of local hardwoods as construction products. Priorities are to develop new processing methods to increase the yields and a greater homogeneity of raw materials at the same time. This should be guaranteed by producing rod lamellas. Subsequently, these lamellas should be used as starting materials to manufacture rod-shaped and flatwise components in various designs – homogenous as well as hybrid in type of timber. Using rod lamellas made of hardwoods should lead to an additional value towards standard products and an economic implementation should be available as well.

This project is funded by the Waldfonds, an initiative of the Austrian Federal Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry, Regions and Water Management, and is carried out as part of the Think.Wood programme of the Austrian Wood Initiative.

Foto 1: © Holzforschung Austria & neue Holzbau AG

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