research areas:
Building & living
Eco­log­i­cal as­pects
Raw & construction materials
project status: ongoing

Due to the further CO2 storage and resource savings in each new life cycle, its high availability and many synergistic effects, construction timber from previous use has a high potential for the transition to a circular bio-recycling economy. The goal of TimberLoop is to preserve the structure of wood from previous use as much as possible, to integrate it in this form into the recycling system and to minimize waste streams. The basics for a cyclic use of wood from the building industry for the building industry in building products for static load-bearing applications and in small-volume wooden building products are created.

This project is funded by the Waldfonds, an initiative of the Austrian Federal Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry, Regions and Water Management, and is carried out as part of the Think.Wood programme of the Austrian Wood Initiative.

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