Pellets & briquettes

Pellets and briquettes provide cozy warmth and are a clean, standardized fuel with a high level of user comfort. To ensure this regardless of raw material, season, process, or boiler, producers put a lot of effort into it and often meet the strict requirements of monitoring and certification programmes. Our biomass laboratory provides the important measured values in this process and creates the basis for the conformity assessment. This means that end customers only have to worry about emptying the ash drawer.


Accredited fuel testing

We inspect all quality parameters of ÖNORM EN ISO 17225-2 for wood pellets and ÖNORM EN ISO 17225-3 for wood briquettes in our accredited laboratory. Based on these analyses, we create accredited test reports on pellet and briquette quality. In this function, we are also recognized as the test body for ENplus®, DINplus and ÖNORM geprüft. The common fuel tests include:

  • ÖNORM CEN/TS 15370-1, Ash melting behaviour
  • ÖNORM EN ISO 18134-2, Water content
  • ÖNORM EN ISO 18122, Ash content
  • ÖNORM EN ISO 18125, Calorific value
  • ÖNORM EN ISO 17828, Bulk density
  • ÖNORM EN ISO 16948, Carbon, hydrogen and nitrogen
  • ÖNORM EN ISO 18846, Fines content of pellets
  • ÖNORM EN ISO 18847, Particle density of briquettes
  • ÖNORM EN ISO 17831-1, Mechanical strength of pellets
  • ÖNORM EN ISO 16994, Sulfur and chlorine
  • ÖNORM EN ISO 16968, Heavy metals: Arsenic, cadmium, chromium, copper, lead, mercury, nickel, and zinc
  • ÖNORM EN ISO 17829, Dimensions of pellets and briquettes

Quality assessment over and beyond the normative framework

We also offer our customers specialized tests for pellets and briquettes that go beyond the normative framework. Frequent questions concern VOC emissions, the content of volatile substances or ash-forming elements, determination of the starch content or identification of foreign substances in compressed biofuels, e.g. based on the formaldehyde content.

Contact persons

Pellets and briquettes

DI Andreas Haider

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Biomass laboratory

Ing. Irene Spitaler

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We certify
dealers and producers
according to ENplus®


Our services

Independent testing for certified pellets

Our accredited fuel laboratory creates the basis for successful certification of wood pellets. We accompany companies in the selection of raw materials and ongoing quality assurance.

Assessment in case of complaints

Current standards keep the quality of biogenic solid fuels high. Should there still be deviations or complaints, we are available as an independent laboratory.

Pellets from wood and agricultural residues

Quality control of briquettes made of wood and bark

Ash content of different raw materials

Fast sample throughput in automated ash content determination

Single Pellet press for attempts to compact new raw materials

Available infrastructure:

  • Thermogravimetry: Leco, simultaneous determination of ash content for six samples in three-fold determination
  • Calorimeter: IKA, Calorific value determination and bomb digestion for elemental analysis
  • Abrasion tester: In-house development, mechanical strength of pellets
  • Vibratory screening machine: Retsch AS 300, Sieve tower 305 mm diameter, all common sieve sizes, fine fraction determination, sieve analysis, fractionation
  • IC/UV/CD: Thermo Fisher Scientific, Ion Chromatography with UV and conductivity detector, sulphur and chlorine content
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