The DINplus certification system for wood pellets provides for an external monitoring of the production and testing of the fuel quality by an independent body and is therefore a guarantee for good pellet quality.


DINplus certification programme for wood pellets

The “DINplus certification programme for wood pellets for use in small combustion plants” is a quality assurance system for the production of wood pellets based on the product requirements of EN ISO 17225 and regulates the product properties of wood pellets of quality A1 as well as the internal quality assurance in production and the annual external monitoring.

Independent conformity assessment

Holzforschung Austria is used as an independent third party to check and monitor compliance with these criteria. The reports created are made available to the DIN CERTCO certification body, which then decides on the certification.

Contact persons

Dipl.-Ing. Andreas Haider

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DI Valerie Minihold

P:+43 1 798 26 23-871
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DI Monika Steiner

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Our services

Inspection of pellet production

Our independent auditors monitor pellet production once a year and take a sample to check the fuel quality.

DINplus inspection in combination with ENplus®

Due to the similar requirements in many areas of the DINplus and ENplus®, inspections for both programmes can be easily combined with little additional effort.

Annual monitoring of your pellet production

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