Sawn timber / planed material

In order to be able to build wooden structures, the sawn timber must be sorted according to strength criteria and classified into strength classes. Holzforschung Austria specializes in approval tests, both for Europe and America and Australia, as well as in the approval tests for mechanical sorting equipment.


Sorting of wood according to load-bearing capacity

In order to be able to use sawn timber in Europe as construction timber or glued construction products such as glued laminated timber or cross laminated timber, these timbers have to be classified in strength classes pursuant to EN 338. These assignments are available for the common European wood species. However, if foreign wood types and origins are used, proof of strength must be provided.

Sawn timbers for the American/Australian market

If timber is delivered to America or Australia for the construction sector, the strength values must be verified beforehand in extensive approval tests depending on the type of wood and the origin of the wood. For America, we cooperate with various certification agencies. For Australia, we carry out the tests based on the Australian standards.

Mechanical strength sorting

In addition to visual sorting, mechanical sorting is becoming increasingly important. There, the strength properties are assessed using a scanner. Before a strength sorting system may be used, a detailed approval test is required to determine whether the strength characteristics are recorded correctly and with sufficient accuracy. We carry out all relevant tests in accordance with the relevant national standards.


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Strength sorting

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Strength sorting

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Holzforschung Austria is a notified body pursuant to the European Construction Products Regulation for all relevant areas of the timber construction industry.

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Our services

Initial inspection of mechanical sorting equipment

We offer manufacturers of sorting equipment to conduct the required tests in accordance with EN 408 and to prepare and evaluate the data in accordance with EN 384. We create English-language test reports according to the standard, which you can submit for approval without further processing.

Strength assignment of visually sorted woods

In the case of visually sorted woods, a strength classification requires an evaluation of the visual sorting in addition to determining the strength properties. For this purpose, HFA has developed an automated branch detection programme.

Initial tests of strength-sorted woods for the U.S. and Australia

We conduct "Qualification tests" according to AS/ NZS 1748.2 for the export of strength-sorted woods to Australia and New Zealand. After a positive initial test, we also offer ongoing production monitoring in accordance with AS/ NZS 1748.2. For America, we cooperate with various agencies and conduct approval tests in accordance with the American standards ASTM D 143 and ASTM D 4761.

HFA inspected quality

For the products tested and monitored by HFA, producers can display their quality with the "HFA inspected" mark of quality.

Sorting the woods according to strength criteria

Available infrastructure:

Universal test devices for determining the bending, tensile, compressive, and shear strength as well as the modulus of elasticity

  • Zwick 100 kN
  • Zwick 270 kN
  • Zwick 1200 kN (tensile test)
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