Molecular biology

Climate changes and increasing construction activity in the renovation of buildings lead to the discovery of previously undetected wood pests and to an increase in mould problems. For targeted and cost-effective remedial measures, it is in many cases necessary to clearly identify the harmful organism, among other things, if it is infested with dry rot. We use species-specific PCR for the systematically correct determination of the organism. We investigate the community of microorganisms in biofilms and surface growth on decking, facades and other materials, as well as in aquatic systems, such as process water from paper machines.


DNA analysis for the determination of dry rot

The unequivocal, systematic assessment of a harmful fungus is of particular economic relevance if the remedial effort can be made dependent on it (see ÖNORM B 3802-4, DIN 68800 part 4). The species-specific PCR (Polymerase Chain Reaction) enables targeted testing for dry rot.

The following dry rot fungi are determined by species-specific PCR:

  • Genuine dry rot (Serpula lacrymans)
  • Wild dry rot (Serpula himantioides)
  • White pore-sponge (Antrodia vaillantii)
  • Brown cellar rot (Coniophora puteana)

Microorganisms in biofilms

We investigate the development of biofilms in industrial plants with the help of fingerprint techniques (DGGE) and relate them to corresponding parameters. Using cloning techniques, we identify the microorganisms involved in the development of the biofilm and initiate targeted countermeasures.

Surface growth of algae, fungi and bacteria

Surfaces are colonized relatively quickly by microorganisms (algae, fungi, bacteria) and lead to a change in the material or to changes in the surface properties (slipperiness, discoloration). We offer identification of the microorganisms using molecular biological methods.

Download Information sheet DNA-Analyse

DNA-Analyse zur Bestimmung von Hausfäulepilzen / Hausschwamm (pdf, 150 KB)

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Contact persons

Mag.a Andrea Steitz

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Mag.a Sabrina Niedermayer

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Our services

DNA analysis for the determination of dry rot fungi

We conduct DNA analysis for the determination of dry rot fungi such as genuine dry rot. According to ÖNORM B 3802-4, it is possible to use DNA to identify wood-destroying fungi found in the wood used.

Examination of biofilms

We investigate biofilms in a wide variety of applications ranging from industrial plants to process water to wooden surfaces and determine the microorganisms living in them.

Identification of bacteria with DGGE.

Cutting out of DNA bands.

UV gel documentation

Available infrastructure:

  • Polymerase Chain Reaction – PCR
  • Quantitative PCR – q-PCR
  • Denaturing gradient gel electrophoresis – DGGE
  • Gel documentation
  • Elisa-Reader
  • Microplate washers
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