Wood burns, that's no secret. In timber construction, however, we are able to predict the fire behaviour of wooden structures well, which significantly simplifies the fire protection planning of components. Nevertheless, fire tests of components and materials are often necessary for official approvals. We are happy to assist you with any questions about fire protection or with the planning and execution of fire tests.


Fire test

In order to prove the fire behaviour of components and component nodes or of building materials, fire tests are conducted in general. Depending on the question at hand, a small or large-sized test specimen (1 m² vs. 10 m²) may be required. In the case of components subject to static loads, a static load is also applied during the course of the fire test. In addition to the support with the test specimen planning, we take care of determining the necessary sensor positions as well as the evaluation and assessment of the determined data. Holzforschung Austria has been cooperating with accredited fire testing institutes both nationally and internationally for many years to carry out fire tests; accredited tests are possible according to the following standards:

  • EN 1363-1:
  • EN 1365-1/2


If there is a sufficient data basis as a result of underlying fire tests, individual components can also be classified with regard to their fire behaviour. Thus a fire test may be dispensed with, which saves costs. The classification is done based on the following standard:

  • EN 13501-1/2

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Our services

Fire tests

We support you in the planning, coordination, and implementation of large and small fire tests on components, component nodes, and individual building materials.

Classification reports

For the classification of the fire resistance of components and building products, we create accredited classification reports according to ÖNORM EN 13501-1/2.

Testing a solid wood ceiling

Fire test using a wooden crib

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