We deal with technological safety requirements, the suitability for use, and the ergonomics of seating furniture, tables and cupboards in living, office and public areas as well as school furniture, upholstered furniture and mattresses. For this purpose, we offer tests and inspections to document the conformity of new developments, as well as for ongoing quality assurance and the assessment of furniture. We also support you in product development, e.g. through furniture prototype analysis, which are examined in accordance with the use stresses to be expected.


Product development

A modern and individual furniture design places high demands on construction. Slender cross-sections, unobtrusive connections and fastenings and special functionalities, but also ecological and economic aspects require adapted technical solutions with this the requirements in the intended area of application can be achieved. Ultimately, this is the prerequisite for the satisfaction of your customers.

We are therefore often consulted by companies for our expertise and testing services already during product development. New developments of furniture are tested by us before the start of series production with regards to the stresses to be expected in use.

Test procedures and inspection

Our accredited services include test procedures that are essential to fulfill requirements standards in the areas of use. Important requirements standards on the European furniture market include:

  • General: ÖNORM A 1610-Serie  
  • Object area: EN 16121, EN 15372, EN 16139
  • Office: EN 527-Serie, EN 1335-Serie
  • Living area: EN 12520, EN 14749, EN 1725
  • Schools: EN 1729 series
  • Outdoor furniture: EN 581-Serie

We gladly provide you with information on test programmes tailored to your furniture, upon request.


We test products and carry out inspections of furniture manufacturing as a basis for awarding quality labels or environmental labels.

  • Austria quality label
  • GS marking
  • HFA-geprüft
  • Austrian eco-label

Contact persons

Home furniture, office furniture, school furniture

Dipl.-Ing. Andreas Illy

P:+43 1 798 26 23-31
E:Get in touch

Furniture, school furniture, upholstered furniture and mattresses

Dipl.-HTL-Ing. Michael Truskaller

P:+43 1 798 26 23-26
E:Get in touch

ÖNORM tested furniture


Our services

Seating furniture

ÖNORM EN 1022 Home furniture – Seating furniture – Determination of stability

ÖNORM EN 1728 Furniture for the home – Seating furniture – Test method for determining the strength and durability


ÖNORM EN 1730 Furniture for the home – Tables – Test method for determining the strength, durability, and stability

Cupboards and shelves

ÖNORM EN 16122 Container furniture for the home and for non-living quarters – Test methods for determining strength, durability and stability

Upholstered furniture and mattresses

ÖNORM EN 1957 Home furniture – beds and mattresses – Test method to determine functional properties

Furniture surfaces

ÖNORM A 1605-12 – Furniture – Test regulations – Furniture surfaces

Determining the functional dimensions of a school chair

Furniture testing laboratory with multifunction test stands at Holzforschung Austria

Testing the durability of mattresses

Available infrastructure:

  • Furniture testing laboratory
  • Mattress test stand in the climatic chamber
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