We test single and multi-layer floor coverings made of wood and wooden materials as well as laminate floors. Dimensional and shape tolerances with and without climatic stress as well as the top layer moisture and the adhesive quality are assessed on individual elements. Joint openings and height differences are measured once installed. This also takes place in a climate chamber on installed areas having undergone use. We offer classification tests and initial tests for the CE marking of wooden floors, parquet and laminate floors. Our range also includes suitability for chair casters and testing of surface properties.


Wooden and parquet floors

We offer classification tests and initial tests for the CE marking of wooden and parquet floors according to product standard EN 14342. Performance parameters include fire behaviour, formaldehyde release and pentachlorophenol content. The examination of the top layer moisture and the assessment of the adhesive quality are, among other things important criteria for the suitability of multi-layer parquet for underfloor heating. The dimensional stability of wooden floors is determined in climate chamber tests in accordance with EN 1910 and ISO 24339.

Laminate floors

Tests are carried out in accordance with EN 13329 and the requirements contained therein. We offer classification tests according to EN 14041 for the CE marking. Important performance parameters are the formaldehyde emission and the pentachlorophenol content.


We check the quality of sealing lacquers according to ÖNORM C 2354, oils and waxes as well as industrially coated wooden floors and laminates. Important criteria include resistance to cold liquids, abrasion behaviour, and scratch resistance.

Download leaflets

Merkblatt Parkett über Fußbodenheizung 2018 (pdf, 509 KB)

Merkblatt zur Verwendung von Holzfußböden unter der Belastung durch Stuhlrollen und Drehstühlen 2009 (pdf, 34 KB)

Merk­blatt zur Vermei­dung der Seiten­ver­lei­mung durch Versie­ge­lungs­lacke bei Holz­fuß­böden 2009 (pdf, 39 KB)

Merkblatt zu Farbänderungen bei Parkettfugen 2020 (pdf, 2 MB)

Information sheet: Color changes at parquet joints 2020 (pdf, 2 MB)

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Contact persons

Wooden floors

Dipl.-Ing. Andreas Illy

P:+43 1 798 26 23-31
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Laminate floors

DI Franz Neumüller

P:+43 1 798 26 23-841
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Wooden floors, surface

Dipl.-Ing. Ruben Griffith

P:+43 1 798 26 23-0
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Our services

Dimensional stability

Individual elements according to EN 1910 or installed floors according to ISO 24339 are stressed and measured in climatic chambers. Particularly dry conditions are simulated by a tougher dry climate.

Adhesion quality

Delamination tests are carried out according to HFA AA B 214/IHD-W 482. The adhesion strenght is determined according to EN 311. Puncturing tests with and without pre-stress show the causes of the adhesive quality.

Castor chair suitability

Installed floor surfaces are exposed to stress with three castors in a chair castor testing device according to EN 425. Damage to the covering material is documented and assessed.

Coatings make for the durability of the wood surface.

Abrasion behaviour is a well-known quality criterion for floor coverings.

The dimensional stability of floor coverings is checked in climatic chambers.

The testing of the suitability for chair castors is very important for floors in offices.

Available infrastructure:

  • Climatic chamber small
  • Climatic chamber large
  • Measuring equipment
  • Chair castors test device
  • Abrasion tester
  • Optical and scanning electron microscopy
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