The sound insulation of a building is determined by the sound insulation of the individual components and their connection to one another – the component connections and nodes. The planned solutions can be checked in advance in the laboratory so that there are no bad building-acoustic surprises in the real building. We are well equipped for this in the Akustik Center Austria. And if an on-site measurement is needed after all, you've also come to the right place.


Accredited examinations

We are happy to carry out air or impact sound tests on your components. No matter whether you want to examine walls, ceilings, doors, windows, or large lift and slide elements.  If necessary, we also check on-site to determine the sound insulation in existing buildings.

For the creation of test reports, we are accredited for the following standard procedures:

Measurement of airborne sound insulation of components

  • In the lab (EN ISO 10140-1/2/4)
  • In situ (EN ISO 16283-1)

Measurement of impact sound insulation of components

  • In the lab (EN ISO 10140-1/3/4)
  • In situ (EN ISO 16283-2)

In case of a sufficient data basis, we also carry out building acoustic assessments of components. By doing so, component testing can often be dispensed with.

Contact persons

Dr. Bernd Nusser

P:+43 1 798 26 23-71
E:Get in touch

Dr. Christian Lux

P:+43 1 798 26 23-972
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DI Alexander Stenitzer

P:+43 1 798 26 23-862
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In-house & on-site test orders

Economical testing
in the
Akustik Center Austria


Our services

Accredited component tests

  • Determination of the air and/or impact sound insulation of components such as walls, ceilings, roofs, doors, windows, lift and slide elements, etc. in the lab and on site.
  • Determination of the impact sound reduction through floor structures.

Building acoustic expert's report

  • Assessment of components and component nodes.
  • Expert's reports on construction work.

Junction analyses

  • Metrological analysis of T and cross joints in the laboratory and on site.

Development work

  • Support with the further development of components in terms of building acoustics.
  • Support in the execution planning of buildings.

Roof element with tile covering installed in the ceiling frame of the M test stand.

A support beam acoustically decoupled by an elastomer bearing.

Available infrastructure:

  • Test hall accessible by vehicle with work surfaces for the conversion and on-site production of components
  • Test frames for time- and cost-saving preparation of the test specimens
  • Hall cranes 2 x 10 tons for loading the test frames e.g. with prefabricated components
  • M test stand for air and/or impact sound measurements (test room volume 54m³ – 60m³)
  • XL test stand for air and impact sound measurements, especially also in the lower frequency range, flank sound tests and special measurements with increased conversion to subwoofer for component tests in the lower frequency range (test room volume 138 m³ - 153 m³)
  • Automatic measuring system for sound field scanning in the XL test stand
  • Laser Doppler vibrometer for vibration analysis of surfaces
  • Intensity probe for sound intensity measurement on components
  • Measuring system for determining the dynamic stiffness of insulation materials


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