Windows / doors / curtain wall facade

We are the specialists for the testing of historical and modern windows, doors, facades, and their combinations in all materials and sizes. This also includes supplier parts – e.g. window scantlings and fittings – as well as the window and building connection. We create test reports and proofs of suitability according to the respective national and European standards or guidelines and carry out initial tests for CE marking. The testing of development products and prototypes according to specific manufacturer requirements also belongs to our testing portfolio.


Windows and facades

Our focus here is on testing the essential properties such as air permeability, watertightness in case of driving rain, resistance to wind load, thermal insulation, and sound insulation, supplemented by tests for permanent function, handling, mechanical properties, window and building connection etc. of historical and modern windows as well as contemporary facades.

Doors and fittings

Inside and outside doors are subjected to a variety of tests to assess their performance characteristics and suitability for use. These include: Continuous function tests, differential climate tests, mechanical loads, flight and panic function tests, burglary-resistant properties and the like.

In the area of fittings, security fittings, fire protection fittings, locks, multi-point locks, emergency exit locks, panic door locks, locking cylinders and mechatronic cylinders as well as locking sequence controllers and pushing flaps are subjected to the corresponding standard tests.

Window and door assembly

The testing of window and door installation is an important test focus as the central interface of the trades in construction. The tests include the air and watertightness against driving rain of the connection before and after aging.

Retained water tests to assess the connection of the building or flat roof sealing on windows and doors are also carried out.

Special components

We carry out a variety of tests for special components for our customers, such as:

  • Windows and doors of listed buildings
  • Avalanche protection windows and doors
  • Fall protection devices
  • Splash water protection doors and wet room doors
  • Flood protection elements
  • Skylights and light bands (fall-through protection)
  • Window scantlings
  • Development products and prototypes


Contact persons


Dr. Julia Bachinger

P:+43 1 798 26 23-63
E:Get in touch


DI (FH) Karin Hauer

P:+43 1 798 26 23-916
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Burglary resistance

DI (FH) Jens Schöne

P:+43 1 798 26 23-79
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Dipl.-Ing. Georg Steiner

P:+43 1 798 26 23-77
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Doors and fittings

DI Martin Wieser

P:+43 1 798 26 23-47
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Doors and fittings

Sabine Woschnigg

P:+43 1 798 26 23-38
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ÖNORM tested construction fittings and
burglary-resistant elements


Our services

ITT – Initial test for CE marking

We offer the scope of services according to ÖNORM EN 14351-1 windows and exterior doors, ÖNORM EN 14351-2 interior doors, ÖNORM EN 12209 locks and construction fittings and 13830 curtain walls.

Proof of suitability and suitability for use

For development products and prototypes, pre-series and serial products according to standards, guidelines, or special customer requirements. For example, local leaks in components can be determined quantitatively.

Burglary protection

Testing in all resistance classes according to EN, ÖNORM and DIN, if necessary with certification.

Window installation

Inspection of window and door installation according to ÖNORM B 5320 and ÖNORM B 5321, as well as according to ift guidelines MO-01 and MO-02.

Testing historical windows

Testing windows and their installation

Testing the airtightness of structures

Manual burglary attempt

Available infrastructure:

Centre for windows and doors

  • Window test stand
  • Facade test stand
  • EH test stand
  • Continuous operation test stands
  • Fitting test stands
  • Differential climatic chamber



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