Component testing

The material wood is becoming increasingly important as a natural and renewable building material in the development of sustainable solutions in wood construction. Thanks to the high innovative strength of the companies, the number of new construction products and systems on the market is increasing. We support the manufacturers of timber construction products and engineering timber construction companies in the development and determination of the performance of new systems. The static and structural characteristics of the components and structures and their connections are examined in component tests and simulations.


Testing of timber components and timber construction systems on the basis of European regulations (EAD) and international standards

The European Construction Products Regulation prescribes seven essential requirements for buildings. The top priority is the stability and safety in use of buildings. If new wooden components or wooden building systems which are not covered by a harmonised standard are to be used as load-bearing elements in buildings, extensive tests must be conducted to determine the strength and rigidity properties as well as the durability behaviour. These tests for determining the performance of the construction products are regulated in the underlying European Technical Assessment Documents (EAD). Holzforschung Austria is accredited and notified for a large number of EADs and the test regulations contained therein.

We also support our customers in the tests for the necessary evidence of performance for the diverse timber construction products to be sold outside the European market. Valid accreditations from Holzforschung Austria according to American and Australian standards as well as various cooperations with renowned approval bodies form the basis for a successful market presence.


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Wood component and wood construction system tests

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ÜA marking for construction products


Our services

Determination of the strength and rigidity properties of wall and ceiling elements

Testing of components in accordance with EN 408 and international standards as well as with the specifications of the test programmes, preparation and evaluation of the data, compiling an accredited test report.

Determination of essential properties of wooden components

Determination of the bending and tensile and compressive strength of the base material and finger jointings. Determination of compressive strength and shear strength along and across the grain of wooden components.

Determination of shear wall bearing capacity and rigidity

Testing the wall panel shear strength bearing capacity and rigidity of elements in panel and timber frame construction according to EN 594.

Determination of absorbable loads

Determination of deformations at point loads.
Determination of absorbable loads and displacements of nodal points and connections.

Flexible component test stand

Strength testing of ceiling elements

Bending test of rod-shaped components

Tensile test of finger-jointed timbers

Available infrastructure:

Universal test devices for determining the bending, tensile, compressive, and shear strength as well as the modulus of elasticity

  • Zwick 275 kN
  • Zwick 1200 kN (tensile test)

Flexible component test stand

  • Zwick 600 kN


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