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The European Technical Assessment for Timber Building Kits allows you to bring your kit to the European market even without a harmonised standard. The ETA is deemed a proof of performance and serves as the basis for a CE marking. In the wood construction sector, we can accompany you on this way to Europe both in the development process of the ETA as well as afterwards with the CE certification.


When it comes to Timber Building Kits, the European Technical Assessment – ETA (German ETB)  offers a method that is uniform throughout Europe, independent, and above all recognized for evaluating the key performance characteristics of this construction product. The ETA can be designed individually and is tailored to your needs and the product. The intended use ranges from single-family houses, public buildings (e.g. schools) to multi-storey residential buildings. The wall, ceiling and roof components contained therein can be designed in a wooden frame and/or solid wood construction. 

In the timber construction sector, Holzforschung Austria plays a leading role in this ETA process in all of Europe. We support you in obtaining such an ETA by preparing the necessary documents that have been previously coordinated with the European assessment bodies, e.g. the Österreichisches Institut für Bautechnik (OIB).

In addition to this construction product – Timber Building Kits pursuant to ETAG 007 used as EAD, Holzforschung Austria can also support you with the following:

  • Prefabricated Building Units (ETAG 023 used as EAD)
  • Prefabricated wood-based loadbearing stressed Skin Panels (ETAG 019 used as EAD)
  • Kits for external wall claddings mechanically fixed (EAD 090062-00-0404, pre­vi­ously ETAG 034)
  • External Thermal Insulation Composite Systems with renderings for the use on timber frame buildings (EAD 040089-00-0404)

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