Other timber construction products

In addition to the engineered wood products, there are a number of other products, such as mechanically connected wood components or wood fasteners for component connections. Transmission line poles are also subject to the CE marking obligation. An ETA can be applied for newly developed construction products.


CE certification of mechanically connected timber construction products

Dowelled or nailed wall and ceiling elements are regulated on the basis of various European technical assessment documents.

These products are assigned to the AVCP System 2+ according to the guidelines of the commission, which means that the factory production control is subject to a certification by the notified body.

CE certification of wood fasteners for component connections

Pin-shaped and non-pin-shaped fasteners as well as special wooden connectors for node solutions and connection situations in timber engineering are also subject to the CE marking as permanently installed construction products.

The production of conventional wood construction screws is subject to the hEN 14592 or is regulated in company-specific ETAs, is subordinated to the AVCP system 3 and therefore does not require certification by a notified body.

Special applications of pin-shaped fasteners (e.g. screws for use in wood-concrete composite systems, ...), the placing on the market of non-pin-shaped fasteners according to EN 14545 (e.g. perforated plates, dowels, ...) or wooden connectors for timber engineering according to various company-specific ETAs are subject to certification according to the AVCP system 1 or 2+.

CE-certification of prefabricated structural members assembled with punched metal plate fasteners

The use of punched metal plate structural timber constructions in buildings follows the general trend of prefabrication and elementation in timber construction. Nail plate constructions are preferred when it comes to the construction of economical roof structures and building elements for residential and non-residential buildings. Nail plates are used as a highly resilient alternative to conventional wood fasteners for the connection of bars, top and bottom chords made of strength grated structural timber or finger-jointed solid construction timber to form truss-like components.

These prefabricated load-bearing components, which are intended for use in buildings, are regulated in EN 14250 and are subject to a mandatory CE marking. The employees of Holzforschung Austria offer the CE-certification of these prefabricated load-bearing nail plate constructions and also carry out the continuous monitoring of the factory production control in the manufacturing companies.

CE certification of new timber construction products

For timber construction products that are not covered by harmonized standards or existing European technical evaluation documents, it is possible to apply to a technical assessment body to issue a product-specific ETA in order to obtain a CE certification. We accompany our customers in contacting the technical assessment bodies and in carrying out the necessary approval tests. If a new ETA is created in the course of the issuance of the EAD, we try to include it in our scope of notification so that we can subsequently offer the certification.

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Wood fasteners based on ETAs

Company-specific ETAs are created on the basis of European technical evaluation documents. We are notified for different EADs in this area and can offer the certification of these products. If new EADs are created, we are constantly striving to expand our scope of notification.

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