research areas:
Building & living
Eco­log­i­cal as­pects
Raw & construction materials
project status: completed

The project “Sustainable building material cycles by means of material analysis and pollutant separation” aims to close essential gaps in the circulation of construction products, in particular the material groups used wood, windows, and insulation materials.

The three leading ACR institutes in each sector (HFA, OFI, IBO) form a holistic building material analysis center with a cooperative laboratory. Together we are developing a range of services that allow comprehensive chemical and physical material characterization of such building materials. Companies in the construction and waste industries, in particular SMEs, are provided with a mobile and stationary laboratory unit. This enables an expanded, analysis-based and thus quality-assured detection of contaminants and pollutants on construction sites as well as subsequent special analyses in the stationary lab. In addition, new innovative separation methods for critical substances are developed. Recovered building materials thus become high-quality secondary raw materials which can be profitably reused by companies.

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