research areas:
Eco­log­i­cal as­pects
Building & living
project status: ongoing

The project aims to improve the quality of indoor air with scavenger-materials. These materials are able to adsorb chemical substances out of their surroundings and bind them. Several kinds of Scavengers, which should be easy to combine with building materials, will be tested in regard to their adsorption properties. To define the properties needed for indoor-air-quality enhancement, measurements in actual residential buildings are essential and are therefor also part of this project. The performance of the most promising Scavengers will then also be tested in real living spaces.

The project IASca runs under the lead of Holzforschung Austria in the Collective Research Programm of the Austrian Research Promotion Agency (FFG), is financially supported by the Fachverband der Holzindustrie (FV) and is conducted in cooperation with the Austrian Institute for Healthy and Ecological Building (IBO).

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