research area: Raw & construction materials
project status: completed

The EU project READiStrength was a cooperation between Austria, Germany and Sweden. We exploited current developments in roundwood characterization technology (especially X-ray CT scanning), as well as established methods (3D optical scanning, acoustic methods, discrete X-ray scanning) with the aim of developing combined strength grading scenarios for round and sawn timber.
A special focus was on the species silver fir and Douglas fir, which gain importance due to climate change. The most important project result is a method to effectively predict the grade determining properties of the sawn timber based on the round timber scanning data.

READiStrength is supported under the umbrella of ERA-NET Cofund ForestValue by Vinnova & Formas (Sweden), BMNT (Austria), BMEL (via FNR e.V.) (Germany). ForestValue has received funding from the European Union Horizon 2020.

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