Punched metal plate timber constructions

The use of prefabricated structural members assembled with punched metal plate fasteners in buildings follows the general trend of prefabrication and elementation in timber construction.


Nail plate constructions are preferred when it comes to the construction of economical roof structures and building elements for residential and non-residential buildings. Nail plates are used as a highly resilient alternative to conventional wood fasteners for the connection of bars, top and bottom chords made of strength grated structural timber or finger-jointed solid construction timber to form truss-like components.


These prefabricated load-bearing components, which are intended for use in buildings, are regulated in EN 14250 and are subject to a mandatory CE marking. The employees of Holzforschung Austria offer the CE-certification of these prefabricated load-bearing nail plate constructions and also carry out the continuous monitoring of the factory production control in the manufacturing companies.

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Prefabricated nail plate binders according to EN 14250

We offer the certification of pre-made nail plate binders. A prerequisite for production is that the wood used is certified in accordance with EN 14081-1 and the nail plates used in accordance with EN 14545.

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