Strength-sorted construction timber

The European Construction Products Regulation (CPR) prescribes mandatory CE marking for all construction products permanently installed in a building. Strength-sorted timber has been used for centuries for wall, ceiling and roof structures. The mandatory CE marking for this product group has been in force since 2011.


CE certification of construction timber

EN 14081-1 provides the framework standard for the CE certification of construction timber.

It regulates both the visual strength sorting and the mechanical strength sorting. The visual sorting of the wood has to be done according to national sorting standards (in Austria: ÖNORM DIN 4074-1). The national sorting classes are assigned to strength classes via normative procedures

In the case of machine sorting, the sawn timber sorted with approved sorting devices and sorting methods is assigned directly to the strength classes. Since mechanical properties such as modulus of elasticity and bulk density are recorded directly in the course of mechanical sorting, the sorting of higher strength classes is also possible here.

For the traditional wood construction products Uso fiume and Uso trieste used in Italy, there are separate European evaluations in addition to the harmonized standard, which regulate the sorting and strength classification and thus serve as the basis for the CE certification.

Strength-sorted lumber is assigned to the AVCP System 2+ which means that the factory production control is certified by the notified body, as well as an annual (with machine sorting: semi-annual) monitoring.

We offer this service on site in Italy with Italian-speaking HFA employees.

Contact persons

Visual strength sorting

Dr. Michael Golser

P:+43 1 798 26 23-62
E:Get in touch

Mechanical strength sorting

Dipl.-Ing. Anton Wegscheider

P:+43 1 798 26 23-54
E:Get in touch

Our services

Visually sorted timber according to EN 14081-1

We offer certification of these products for sawmills, timber trading companies or timber builders who place strength-sorted wood on the market.

Uso fiume / Uso trieste according to ETA 11/0219

We offer the certification of Uso fiume and Uso trieste based on ETA 11/2019. The use of this ETA is reserved to the listed manufacturing companies.

Mechanically sorted construction timber according to EN 14081-1

In the case of machine sorting, a test of the strength values of machine-sorted sawn timber by the notified body is required as part of the initial inspection. We conduct these tests in the course of the initial certification.

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